An amalgamation of various educational, cultural, artistic and social endeavours, Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust is instituted in the memory of renowned Dogri litterateur editor, columnist and Sahitya Akademi Awardee Group Captain Randhir Singh, popularly known as `Kunwar Viyogi’ in literary circles.

Education, literary, art innovation, technological advancements in language and literature and entertainment are the key areas through which the Trust works towards the revival, preservation and promotion of Dogri language. The Trust has undertaken multiple endeavours at school, college and cultural level to promote the language, while at the same time, has introduced multiple initiatives to make the language relevant for the youth.

In order to encourage the youth in embracing Dogri language, Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust has announced awards for the young and talented. Prem Jamwal Youth Innovation Award is awarded for creative interpretation of unique cross art forms, aimed at widening the cultural reach and relevance for the younger generation. It aims to encourage the youth in fulfilling their creative pursuits, while at the same time providing them with a concrete platform so as to help them showcase their talent to the world.

The Trust has also introduced innovation in Entertainment, whereby Dogri couplets, sonnets, verses, ghazals etc written by renowned Dogri writes are being converted into modern-day Dogri music to attract youth towards the language. The idea is to engage young minds into adopting the language and creating multiple interpretations of the same.

‘Save the Language’ is yet another initiative that Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust has undertaken to preserve and popularize the language. The campaign began in June 2017 with a cultural fest titled: Cultural Cocktail: Youth for Art. Showcased in five Dogri speaking cities across India, the cultural extravaganza showcased multiple artistic creations of Dogri artists.

The second phase of ‘Save the Language’ campaign was launched in schools and colleges across Jammu with the introduction of short story writing competitions, recitation competitions, debates etc. All initiatives were very well received by the people, which encouraged the Trust to announce Art Innovation competitions which would bring out the best talent and art forms depicting Dogri culture and language.

‘Save the Language’ campaign, currently in its third phase, is working towards the creation of Dogri-themed showcases that attempts showcase the cultural history of Duggars and draw attention to Dogri’s soft power through the medium of multiple art forms and creative expressions, thus ensuring the convergence of artistic brilliance from across the country on a common platform.
The idea is also to showcase Jammu as a diverse, dynamic and culturally vibrant region and a city that serve as a common ground of multilateral activities, primarily in art and culture thus, projecting Jammu as a meeting place of ideas.

Academic Endeavours

On the academic front, the Trust in association with Department of Dogri, University of Jammu has instituted three scholarshipsKunwar Viyogi Merit Scholarship– to be awarded to a male topper in MA Dogri; Prem Jamwal Kunwar Viyogi Merit scholarship for female topper in MA Dogri and Kunwar Viyogi Research Scholarship – for students who undertake research work on the Dogri writers/poets etc., with special reference to Kunwar Viyogi.

The Trust has also announced a fourth scholarship for the Department of English, University of Jammu to promote research work in Dogri language. The idea is to create parallels of Dogri writers/poets/ authors with that of world literature.

Apart from scholarships, the Trust in association with the Department of Dogri and Department of English, Jammu University also organizes various non-academic activities. The idea is to make the language relevant beyond academics and identify talent.

Literary Initiatives

On the literary front, the Trust in association with Dogri Sanstha, Jammu has instituted the Kunwar Viyogi Sahitya Puraskar for the first book or the best book in Dogri written by a young Indian author; the first manuscript/published in Dogri or translation of Dogri in any Indian Language recognised by the Dogri Sanstha, Jammu. The aim is also to promote and popularise the Dogri language, create opportunities that will make the language more sustainable and cause worthy.

Art Innovation

To encourage young talent in showcasing their innovative artistic pursuits, the Trust has also instituted Prem Jamwal Youth Art Innovation Award. This recognition is awarded for creative interpretation of unique cross art forms, aimed at widening the cultural reach and relevance for the younger generation. It aims to encourage the youth in fulfilling their creative pursuits, while at the same time providing them with a concrete platform so as to help them showcase their talent to the world.

Entertainment endeavours

In order to make language relevant to the youth and inculcate a sense of belonging to the language among them, Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust has undertaken various endeavors in the field of entertainment.

Dogri couplets, sonnets, verses, ghazals etc written by renowned Dogri writes are being converted into modern-day Dogri songs sung by very talented singers like Jitender Singh, Sonali Dogra, Seema Anil Sehgal, Madho Prasad etc.

Beautiful Dogri songs written by Kunwar Viyogi are being composed into mesmerizing music videos. The songs are sung by renowned Dogri singers, like Jitendra Singh Jamwal, Seema Anil Sehgal etc.

The Trust has also organized many musical events in Jammu and other cities. The Cultural Cocktail: Youth For Art events were witnessed and enjoyed by many. The mesmerizing music videos are also available on our website in the video gallery.

Technological initiatives

As a part of “Save the Language” initiative, Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust has launched Dogri language app, Discover Dogri‘. 

The App is designed with the aim to help people understand and learn the Dogri language. A wide range of Dogri songs, ghazals and music videos are also available to ensure popularization of the melodious Dogri music. The App consists of the following features:

Dogri Dictionary: Dogri words are translated into Hindi and English. For the better understanding of the user, sentences have also been constructed using Dogri words. Synonymous of various Dogri words are also available.

Converse in Dogri: with the help of Dogri sentences. Translated also in Hindi, Dogri sentences will help the user understand and converse in the local language.

Dogri Music/Videos: Listen to Dogri songs and ghazals sung by renowned Dogri singers. Also, watch Dogri music videos featuring the Dogri talent.

Launch your Book: with Discover Dogri App and connect with your fans across the globe.

Watch the video HERE

Kunwar Viyogi Talent Pool

One of the main reasons behind instituting Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust was to identify talent and create opportunities for them to showcase their virtuosity. The idea was to make the youth ambassadors of Dogri language and bring in a sense of ownership amongst so that through their multiple talents they not only promote the language but also gain from it. Young poets, theatre artists, dancers, singers, sculptures, photographers etc. have been identified by the Trust since its inception two years ago and each have been given platforms to showcase their talent.

Under the Trusts’ campaign, ‘Save the Language’, Cultural Cocktail: Youth for Art initiative has been launched through which the Trust helped the young and talented to create showcases of their art and thus helping them display their talents on multiple levels, National and State. The trust aimed to promote and popularise literature through its adaptation into vibrant art forms across the world. It endeavored to showcase young artists, in their pursuit of expression and bring culture at the centre stage through art innovation.

Introducing to you our talent pool

Ayushman Jamwal (Poet)

Ayushman Jamwal is a poet by heart and a journalist by profession, presently working as a senior news editor at CNN-News18. Ayushman has won many hearts with his first award-winning publication “Chameleon Lights”. To read more CLICK HERE

Aarushi Thakur Rana (Theatre Director)

Recipient of first Prem Jamwal Young Innovation Award for staging the Hindi adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s popular play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at the 2016 Kunwar Viyogi Utsav, Aarushi is a very talented theatre director and the daughter of Padma Shri awardee Balwant Thakur. To read more CLICK HERE

Sanchita Abrol (Kathak Dancer)

Sanchita Abrol is honored with “Prem Jamwal Youth Art Innovation Award”, for revitalizing Dogri poetry by Kunwar Viyogi. Sanchita is a disciple of venerated Kathak Maestro, Padma Shri Guru Shovana Narayan. To read more CLICK HERE

Anmol Jamwal (Jazz Dancer)
Anmol Jamwal is a Jazz dancer. He was a part of the main dance troupe of the musical, Jhumroo for 2 years in Kingdom of Dreams. He has over 6 years of work experience with the Danceworx Performing Arts Academy. To read more CLICK HERE

Jaswinder Singh (Artist)

Jaswinder Singh is a student at Institute of Fine Arts College in Jammu and the first recipient of Art Innovation award for the best trophy. Jaswinder is a two-time winner of annual sculpture and painting competitions organized by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Arts, Culture, and Languages. To read more CLICK HERE

Prithvi Singh Panwar (Photographer)

Prithvi Singh Panwar declared his love for photography and began pursuing his passion at a very tender age. He took over his passion for photography with some brilliant captures through his mobile phones from streets of Chandigarh. To read more CLICK HERE

Aftab Singh Chauhan (Photographer and Content Creator)

Winner of Prem Prayas Exhibition 2017 held at Kala Kendra, Jammu, Aftab Singh Chauhan is an avid photographer, adventure traveler and creative content creator under the banner of ‘Social Canvas’. To read more CLICK HERE

Ajay Saini (Photographer)

For Ajay, photography is an expression, a medium through which he expresses a thousand emotions in a single frame. Today a professional photographer and that too a well sought out name in Jammu, Ajay’s love for the lens began in early teens. To read more CLICK HERE