River Sage-2-Build My Castles In The Air

Once I tried to walk my dreams,
And put my mind to only flesh and bone.
And overt physicality of schemes,
But after a few steps, I fell down.
All my muscles, sinews, nerves and will
Were powerless to put me on my feet,
I tried and tried and tried and tried but still
I found myself squarely on my seat.
All my efforts, having all my sweat,
Which I had pre-invested were futile,
But I had learnt that frustration and fret
Are never helpful even for a while.
Hence I started dreaming then and there
And bent to build my castles in the air.

Verse 200-सपने-Dreams

सपनो के आकाश में साथी नीचे तनिक उतर ,
हाथ सलामत तेरे इनसे काम ज़रा तू कर |
बिन उद्यम के सपने तो साकार नहीं है होते ,
पुरुषार्थ साकार है करता सपनो वाला घर ||