Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust is committed towards inculcating love for the Dogri language and bring it back to its roots and hearts of people through the medium of art, culture, education, technology, innovation and much more.

The core mission of the Trust is to create a talent pool and provide multiple opportunities and platforms for them.

An amalgamation of various cultural, artistic, social, educational and technological endeavors, the aim of the Trust is to create opportunities and platform for students, artists, writers and cultural groups who otherwise struggle to showcase their talent.

Apart from the present responsibilities and commitment to preserve and share works, thoughts, and life of Kunwar Viyogi, the Trust also aspires to bring regional writers at the center stage and give them a platform to showcase their talents to the world.

The aim is to empower the youth and provide them with a defined platform so as to aid them in pursuing their dreams and ambitions while entrusting them with the responsibility of giving back to the society.
Also, we aim to initiate activities directed at preserving the literature, culture, and heritage of Jammu and Kashmir while at the same time initiate measures to uplift the underprivileged by introducing concentrated and intensive programmes.