Renowned Dogri litterateur and Sahitya Akademi awardee, Kunwar Viyogi was a prolific writer and poet.

Kunwar Viyogi had an enviable command over Dogri, Hindi, English, and Urdu in which he created literary gems. He bagged the Sahitya Akademi Award for his long and beautiful poem-“Ghar” written in Dogri.

The academic paper “Kunwar Viyogi: A Critique” epitomizes Kunwar Viyogi’s award-winning book, “Ghar”, and his sonnets “Pehliyan Banga”. The paper is written by Assistant Professor Garima Gupta, Department of English, University of Jammu.

Kunwar Viyogi introduced the tradition of writing Sonnet (a poem of 14 lines) and wrote 200 Sonnets in Dogri language. This earned him the title of ‘Father of Dogri Sonnets’.

Another paper published, “सान्नट संग्रैह् ‘‘पैह्लियां बांगां’’ – पाठ्क दी नज़र च” talks about the sonnets of Kunwar Viyogi. The paper is written by Assistant Professor Sandeep Dubey, Department of Dogri, University of Jammu.

The papers were presented during a seminar titled ‘Cheten di Ladi’ under the Kunwar Viyogi Utsav 2017. It is an annual two-day event. The event was organized by Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust in collaboration with University of Jammu at Brig. Rajinder Singh Auditorium.