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FOR Aman

I have a grandson now-a-days in Sanawar.
His mother told me he is a budding poet.
And till she told me I did not know it.
Even though I knew that he is book lover.

His budding poetry is now going to flower
And bless his life with many hued blossoms
To put an avalanche of words within his power
In countless and innumerable sums.

I bless and at the same time I suggest
That he should follow his heart all the way
And be the best, the best, the very best
Till the world will sing his lyrics, dance and sway.

Dear Aman, a steadfast friend is poetry.
Be truthful before all else you want to be.
Gp. Capt. Randhir Singh.
( Rhyme scheme- ABBA ACAC DEDE FF…….)

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