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Divinity & Heritage

Oh! Temple bells of Jammu, pray, roll on
For when I hear you, all my doubts are gone!

-Kunwar Viyogi

Jammu Cultural Fest (JCF) is a music, art and literature conclave that promises to bring together the best of artists, sculptors and litterateurs at a common platform to showcase the beauty of divinity in the purity of art forms and the legacy of our rich cultural heritage. JCF is a unique one-of-its kind ode to the vibrant city of Jammu which pulsates with a throbbing art and cultural fabric that is as dynamic as it is global. For in art lies the language of evolution, the gateway of progress and the ethos of prosperity. For literature transcends the barriers of communication and gives meaning to myriad expressions of emotions, life and humanity. For music is the food of the soul and connects people of all ethnicities through its rhythm.

Through this multicultural showcase curated under the aegis of Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust, JCF aims to preserve and strengthen the community’s sense of belonging while celebrating the pursuit of creativity. At a time when Jammu is at the throes of a newfound sense of identity, JCF proposes multiple avenues for learning, entertainment, leisure, growth and communication.

Artists at JCF

Bask in the glory of divinity and heritage and soak in the beauty of diverse media as renowned artists and sculptors showcase their work exclusively at Jammu Cultural Fest 2020.

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