I have to tell you something!

By | Devyani Srivastava

1 Poem

I have to tell you something,
But how do I?
Do I wear a nice dress,
To seek all your attention?
Do I pour in some wine
In the goblet you bought
Last month?
What do I do?

My words aren’t enough,
They have never been,
With all the courage,
I muster and all the air I breathe
To be able to utter
What I must,
You, just hear,
Never listen.

In all these years,
Months, days and hours,
How have my words not convinced,
Your soul to listen to my voice
Which part of me will resonate,
With you?
Is there a part? Can you pick?
Till when will the shards of my dreams
Stitch your commands?
Till when will my wounds bleed?
Will my voice ever reach?

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