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By | Adnan Shafi

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A treasure trove, for an ineffable mother,
I love thee only, -thou art
seraphic soul,
Alas! The world has decimated thy themes now that frayed!

Can I not look for some words quite impeccable and praiseworthy
To make vivid thy tender and cherishing,
Thy nature for thy children, thy luscious tonality in lulling them?

Can I not, by some figures construe
Thy decisive love I receive,
The riveting elation, so like to wondrous beat?

Can I not, by some similes, metaphors construe
Thy life sacrificed, in the long run of tendering a family,
Thy canvas so huge, Ah, all verses filled, can not express thy being.

So let me cease my lines this way-
Words can naught do,
But blithely gladden thee.

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