Wonderings of Love

By | Anant Vijay

1 Poem

I wonder if our love excites the moon, and make the sky shy away from its grasp.
I wonder if they face over coffee cups, growing fond, while searching eyes, and calling it love.
I wonder if their love is sang around horizons by nightingales, or maybe trapped in an acoustic classic.
I wonder if they hold hands beneath the dark and cross arms around and above, through the time spent on this trail to compliance.
I wonder if they stop by and ponder over the ellipses of the milky way, or simply sit by the riverside amid the echoes of the cuckoo bird.

I wonder if our love excites the moon, if it embraces the sky with its gaze and make love through fears.
I wonder if they taste each other every morning and with each breathe, feel their own tongue.
I wonder if they are shameless in love, while fondling behind the clouds, gulping through an arousing rush of adrenaline.
I wonder if their souls are connected the way their bodies are.
And in the process, I wonder if their surfaces transition from dull to glowy, raw to moist, abandoned to lively.

I wonder if our love excites the moon, if it holds the sky on to its wrist and tells how much it loves him.
I wonder if they silently wish to spend the rest of their life together, even though they know they will.
And eventually, I wonder if someday, one of them would lean on their knee to do the necessary, then they rest together, happily and ever after.
I bless them to live a wholesome night, of the moon shining and the sky glowing in a world full of stars.

So I wonder if they haven’t dreamt of growing old together because, who hasn’t?

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