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    Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust is committed to inculcating love and appreciation for the Dogri language, art, literature, and its vibrant culture and give a platform to young talent in the creative field.

    Over 70 artists have been showcased over the last three years in the KVMT Annual Art exhibition – Prem Prayas. This year’s show Mrigtrishna introduces young artist Jazz as the first time curator -giving the stage to youth. We welcome entries throughout the year. Prem Prayas will move to the national stage in 2020.

    This year Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust presents the fourth edition of the Art exhibition Prem Prayas “THE MRIGTRISHNA” for the first time this Kunwar Viyogi Utsav. The show has been curated and put together by a fellow artist Jaswinder Singh. It is an eclectic mix of paintings, etchings, and sculptures by various artists from the Jammu region.

    The exhibition will be inaugurated by our Chief Patron and internationally acclaimed artist Mr. Suman Gupta.Artists in the show are – Ankus Kumar (landscape and portrait artist), Vinod Singh (portrait and ornithoid artist), Jazz, Rashmi Jamwal, Seema Sharma (aquascape artist), Anmol Bonss (surroundings of childhood).

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