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Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust (KVMTrust) was conceived in 2016 in the memory of Sahitya Akademi Awardee Dogri Poet Group Captain Randhir Singh, known to the world by his pseudonym `Kunwar Viyogi’. Since its inception, the Trust has undertaken several endeavors in Educational, Cultural, Art Innovation, Technological, Entertainment and Social areas to promote and popularise the Dogri language. KVM Trust also serves as a launch pad for thousands of millennials who seek creative space or a trusted platform to showcase their talent across the globe.

From awarding Scholarships in University of Jammu to celebrating talent with Literary and Innovation Awards in Art, Entertainment and Technology, the Trust has also launched ‘Save The Language’ campaign in Schools, Colleges and Universities across Jammu to create a harmonious convergence between Dogri and the youth, who with active support from the Trust become ambassadors of the Dogri language and create multiple spaces for its innovation and promotion.

The Trust through the years has been engaging young minds into adopting the language and creating multiple interpretations of Dogri couplets, sonnets, verses, ghazals, etc penned by renowned Dogri writers. The aim is to retain the authenticity of classics and apply their interpretation to recreate interesting content for the millennials.

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