Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust (KVMTrust) has been instituted in the memory of renowned Dogri litterateur, editor, columnist, and Sahitya Akademi Awardee Group Captain Randhir Singh, popularly known as `Kunwar Viyogi’ in literary circles. An amalgamation of various educational, cultural, artistic, technological and social endeavors, KVMT seeks to provide a creative space for poetry enthusiasts and literature aficionados to come together on a common platform.

The Trust has been working towards the revival, preservation, and promotion of Dogri language through education, literary, art innovation and technological advancements in language, literature, and entertainment. The Trust has undertaken multiple endeavours at school, college, universities and cultural levels to promote and ‘Save the language’, along with introducing multiple initiatives to make the language relevant and cause worthy for the youth.

In order to encourage the youth to embrace Dogri language, Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust awards scholarships, literary awards, and art innovation awards at university, college and school level for the young and talented. The aim is to encourage and empower the youth in fulfilling their creative pursuits, while at the same time providing them with a concrete platform to help them showcase their talent to the world.

The Trust also promotes innovation in entertainment, whereby Dogri couplets, sonnets, verses, ghazals, etc written by renowned Dogri writers are being converted into modern-day Dogri music to attract the youth towards the language. The idea is to engage young minds into adopting the language and creating multiple interpretations of the same.