Kunwar Viyogi’s  poems are a testimony of his simple and carefree views that translate the poet’s deep and true discontents and triumphs. It creates a complex depiction of love, hope, joy, wisdom, defiance,bravery, arrogance and brutal honesty. The poet comments on social norms, explores the struggles of human existence and shares life lessons that are wise and tongue in cheek. The comprehension is sharpened by life that is written with a masterly control on meter and language, steeped in love and wisdom.

As many of Kunwar Viyogi’s contemporaries put it, Pehliyaan Banga being the poet’s original work was also historic in more than one way. He not only innovated and perfected the exposition of Sonnet adaptation in his native language, but experimented with the rhyme scheme. He justified the structure and encapsulated his imagination in the concise form of fourteen lines. He brought forth the pathos and joy of a romantic, ferocity of a social reformist, wisdom of gentle soul bouncing through the turbulent waters of life, magnanimity of true artist who expanded the form to include pen portraits, tributes and acknowledgements to various literary doyens of Dogri, the prominent being Prof Ramnath Shastri, Ved Rahi, Narinder Khajuria among others. The poet not only imported a form that is foreign to the Dogri literature but attempted it in a language that was foreign to the form. He reveals the same awareness in his sonnets where he articulates that how within the established norms and canons of the established writers he is trying his innovations and experimentation.

Mohan Singh

Prominent writer and Sahitya Akademi Awardee

Mohan Singh Slathia, Sahitya Academy award winner and President Duggar Manch appreciates Kunwar Viyogi for his 200 sonnets in Dogri, Pehliyaan Banga, that he wrote in the year 1978. He also mentions that Kunwar Viyogi has written two volumes of English Sonnets which are equally praiseworthy.


Renowned writer and Sahitya Akademi Awardee

Sahitya Akademi award winning writer and former President of Dogri Sanstha, Jammu, Chhatrapal credits Kunwar Viyogi with introducing sonnets in Dogri literature. Terming it as historic, the noted writer says that Viyogi created a world record by penning 600 sonnets, which no one has accomplished till date. He also credits the poet with being the only Dogri writer to have written 200 sonnets in Dogri. As Chhatrapal put it, “there has been no Dogri writer before or after Kunwar Viyogi to have penned as many sonnets in Dogri which are original and rare.”

Prof. Lalit Mangotra

Sahitya Akademi awardee and renowned Poet

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