Kunwar Viyogi Sahitya Kala Samaan

Kunwar Viyogi Sahitya Kala Samaan is awarded to iconic cultural stalwarts whose contribution goes beyond great writing, creative art, music or theatre- in making Dogri alive, vibrant and available to the world. A Dogri icon whose cultural ethos and depth of thought is cultivated from the region known for its kindness, peace, patriotism and divinity.

Kunwar Viyogi Sahitya Kala Samaan is bestowed on distinguished personalities who have dedicated themselves to their craft, language, region and expanded the reach and flavour of being an indomitable Dogra or perhaps – one who has taken the fragrance of ‘Dogri and Dogra Spirit’ far and wide through translation, drama, cinema, TV, digitalisation, musical adaptation, experimentation and innovation.

Instituted by Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust in collaboration with Dogri Sanstha Jammu, Kunwar Viyogi Sahitya Kala Samaan carries a cash prize of Rs 50,000, along with a medallion, shawl and a citation. The award is presented annually by a credible jury comprising of renowned literary personalities while well- known literary experts, teachers, critics, universities, and literary and language associations provide nominations for the award, annually.

All the nominations are scrutinized by the jury and their recommendations are submitted to Dogri Sanstha, Jammu, comprising members of “high repute and integrity”.