Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust’s aim is to promote and popularise the Dogri language and provide opportunities and platforms for students, artists, writers and cultural groups to showcase their talent.

An inevitable contribution to our cause comes from the persistent efforts of the KVMT volunteers. These self-motivated individuals understand the need to get involved with this cause. You too can contribute by filling the following form.

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  • Share your talent with us and we would love to share it with the world by publishing it on various platforms.

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  • Funds contributed/earned through any activity/activities of the Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust would be used to build its corpus so as to empower the youth by providing them with a defined platform and help them pursue their  creative pursuits, dreams and ambitions. The funds would also be utilised to initiate endeavours aimed at promotion, preservation and creation of a talent pool that would ensure sustainability of the cause of saving the Dogri language.