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Musical Sonnet Sandhya
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Dogri Sanstha in collaboration with PG Department of Dogri, University of Jammu, honoured Kunwar Viyogi in “Musical Sonnet Sandhya” event at Jammu.

Kunwar Viyogi has been the first ever writer to write sonnets in Dogri language. He has written more than six hundred sonnets out of which 200 have been published. His book of sonnets is entitled “Pehliyaan Banga”.

We have read sonnets of William Shakespeare and Wordsworth but sonnets in Dogri are really a commendable effort and our own regional language has been proudly enriched with this contribution. These sonnets speak a lot about the potential of Sahitya Akademi award-winning poet.

Free verse poetry was composed under ‘Chamatkaar’ series wherein free verse poetry of eminent Dogri poets was composed and served much to the surprise and charm of music lovers.

The magical compositions were prepared by the man behind ‘Chamatkaar’, noted music director, Brij Mohan who has earned name and fame with colossal musical presentations.

For the first time ever in the history of music a Sonnet Sandhya was organised which has been a moment of proud not only for the people involved in the event but for the whole region.

The musical Sonnet Sandhya carried six sonnets of Kunwar Viyogi and a sonnet was a tribute to a celebrated writer by well known Sahitya Akademi award-winning writer Chhatrapal.A special feature of the concert was a free verse of Padma Sachdev in the golden voice of Indu Bala.

This program was a unique one as the music lovers were provided with an opportunity to initially listen to the sonnets being recited and then followed by compositions.

The sonnets were recited by eminent media personalities like Kusum Tickoo, Gurmeet Battra Jamwal, Abhishek Bharti, Pawan Verma, Saras Bharti, Amar Chouhan and Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’.

Poonam Singh Jamwal, the founder of Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust and daughter of the renowned Dogri poet, Kunwar Viyogi, was full of praise for the initiative taken by Dogri Sanstha for such a vibrant music concert and also appreciated the music director and other performers. She also said that such events are important to give a boost to the Dogri language which will help it to reach the masses. KVM Trust also presented a documentary on the life and works of Shri Chhatrapal, whose birthday coincided with the musical event.

RD Sharma, Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu, congratulated the Dogri Sanstha for organizing the first ever musical sonnet in any Indian language, who was the chief guest at the event. He also said that it was quite a unique experience of hearing the heartwarming poetry of Kunwar Viyogi.

Mementos were also presented to the singers and artists by the chief and guest and other dignitaries.

The event was witnessed by renowned personalities from the literary field, music lovers and other from all walks of life.

    • Event Place : Auditorium of Computer Science Department, Jammu University
    • Date: 10-02-2018

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