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KVM Trust felicitates Shri Chhatrapal
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Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust, in association with Department of Dogri, University of Jammu felicitated Dogri Sanstha President and prominent Dogri writer Joginder Pal Saraf for winning the prestigious Sahitya Akademi award for his short story book in Dogri ‘Cheta’.

The felicitation ceremony was at the Seminar Hall of Computer Sciences Department, the University of Jammu on January 31, 2017.

During the event, the Trust honoured Saraf with a citation, shawl and cash award. Sahitya Akademi convener, Jammu Lalit Mangotra read the citation and threw light on Saraf’s professional journey. He said that his short stories are characterised by deep humanism, psychological insight into human character and behaviour in powerful and effective language. Chhatrapal had mastered the art of creating situations and life like characters in his stories. The delicate portrayal of sublime human feelings of loneliness, deprivation and longing of his characters in his many works is unique and masterly.

Highlighting Saraf’s role in promoting Dogri, Dr Keshav Sharma – Professor, Registrar and Dean Management Studies said that the award-winning writer is one of those who has devoted his life to bringing Dogri to the light of today’s generation. Sharma said that popularity of Dogri can be gauged from the fact that it has brought people closer to eliminating the barriers across the border and maintaining a sense of oneness amongst them.

Dr Nirmal Vinod, award-winning Dogri writer read a paper on Saraf’s award winning book ‘Cheta’ and threw light on his professional journey from being a young, enthusiastic writer, to someone who pours in a part of his personality each time he pens down a piece. He also recited two poems written by Chhatrapal.

Poonam Singh Jamwal, founder and vice chairperson of Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust described Chhatrapal as a rare gem that has illuminated Dogri language and literature with his immense talent. “What Chhatrapal ji brings to the table is very rare and valuable. Him receiving the Sahitya Akademi award is a testimonial to the fact that Dogri continues to rule the hearts of its dedicated readers and despite it being a dying language, encouragements as such will boost its visibility and reach to a wider audience.”

Jamwal highlighted the importance of bringing back the lost heritage to its rightful place. She said that Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust is committed to promoting and preserving the language apart from providing a platform to young talent thus enabling them to showcase their talent.

Dr Aziz Hajni, Secretary, J&K Academy of Art, Culture & Languages expressed an urgent need to introduce Dogri in the school curriculum and have it taught to student from as young as standard 1st across schools of the state. Hajni
stressed that unless the language is not proudly spoken in every Duggar household and becomes a choice of every student in school and otherwise, it will continue to remain confined in a few literary corners.

The JKAACL Secretary extended JKAACL’s unconditional support towards the promotion and preservation of Dogri language, literature, artists and writers and said that he wants to align with like-minded people to ensure that the language does get introduced in the school curriculum from as soon as Standard 1st.
Zorawar Singh Jamwal, a close associate of the Trust and Chairman Team Jammu also expressed the need to introduce Dogri in the school curriculum and make it compulsory for students as young as Class 1 onwards. He said that unless the government does not take active steps towards promoting and preserving Dogri language, literature and culture, the language will get lost in the pages of history. He said that Team Jammu will continue to fight for the Duggar cause and take all the necessary steps towards bringing the language back to its rightful space.
Thanking the Trust and Department of Dogri for the honour, Saraf said he is humbled to have been felicitated by his readers and fans. He said that writing for him has been his passion, which later became a source of his bread and butter. The Dogri Sanstha president hoped that the younger generation would take the cause of Dogri forward and achieve great heights.

    • Event Place : University of Jammu, Jammu
    • Date : 31-01-2017
    • Time : 11:00 AM

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