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As a part of “Save the Language” initiative, Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust has launched Dogri translation app, ‘Discover Dogri’. 

The App is designed with the aim to help people understand and learn the Dogri language. A wide range of Dogri songs, ghazals, and music videos are also available to ensure popularization of the melodious Dogri music. The App consists of the following features:

Dogri Dictionary: Dogri words are translated into Hindi and English. For the better understanding of the user, sentences have also been constructed using Dogri words. Synonymous with various Dogri words are also available.

Converse in Dogri: with the help of Dogri sentences. Translated also in Hindi, Dogri sentences will help the user understand and converse in the local language.

Dogri Music/Videos: Listen to Dogri songs and ghazals sung by renowned Dogri singers. Also, watch Dogri music videos featuring the Dogri talent.

Launch your Book: With Discover Dogri App and connect with your fans across the globe.

Dogri Quiz: Play the Dogri quiz anytime you want and test your Dogri skills.

To download the “Discover Dogri App” for Android — Click Here

To download the “Discover Dogri App” for iOS — Click Here

We’ve made a video for you to understand the app functionality.

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