Kumwar Viyogi Memorial Trust in association with Department of Dogri, University of Jammu has instituted three scholarships namely, ‘Kunwar Viyogi Merit Scholarship‘, ‘Prem Jamwal Kunwar Viyogi Merit Scholarship‘ and ‘Kunwar Viyogi Research Scholarship‘.

‘Kunwar Viyogi Merit Scholarship’ and ‘Prem Jamwal Kunwar Viyogi Merit Scholarship’ of Rs 10,000/- each along with a trophy will be awarded to a male and a female topper of MA Dogri Department, University of Jammu.

‘Kunwar Viyogi Research Scholarship’ will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 30,000 per annum and a trophy to those who take up research work on the Dogri writers/poets etc., especially Kunwar Viyogiji and others. The research will include comparative studies of Dogri works with world literature; study of new genres and cataloguing early Dogri literary works to lend historical perspective to modern day learner and innovation and translations. The selection is the discretion of University but Trust is part of a final decision on research subject and would have a right on that research for future use in line with its values and goals.

All the scholarships are instituted to promote and popularise Dogri language amongst the youth while making it sustainable and cause worthy.

Mr Ranjit Kumar was awarded Kunwar Viyogi Merit Scholarship, while Ms Shiwali Chaudhory bagged the Prem Jamwal Kunwar Viyogi Scholarship during the 2016 Kunwar Viyogi Utsav.