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City behind the Clouds

By | Poulomi Bose

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Do you know of the
City behind the clouds?
Where golden waters
fly in the sun of night
as birds with glistening
feathers swim by
across the fields of
soft, soft cotton balls,
baked ripe with the
warmth of the mist
that guards the
city like a secret.

Do you wonder
if it’s people, made of thoughts
also shift in and out of
reality like their city keepers-
one moment a dragon,
another, a unicorn,
a house, an ocean
a hallow, or nothing.
Do they laugh like the
sound of rumbles and
cry out big drops of rains,
and walk on air like magic?

Do you want to go
to the city of clouds,
where the floor
beneath your feet floats
over the world, and your thoughts
roll on the fairytales
of the horizons where your
dreams have lived,
since forever.

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