By | Ekta Sharma

1 Poem

Whilst my journey to heaven,
I met a child named life,
who made a confession-
for how she made souls strive,
in order to triumph,
the battle against demise.
So I believed her lies,
and Ultimately began, I,
my journey with life.

Happily we started and promised,
never to betray even once.
But, at every obstacle, helping, she denied,
and I was left with options none,
only to survive, the betrayal,
given by life.

She was still the cutest face,
I used to look everyday and,
to whom I gave a smile.
But she always hurted me
more in a while.
So hence came the day,
When I can’t survive,
so I will leave her alone
But Will meet her enemy,
that now I will die.

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